Bedonwell Junior

" Through excellence, together we shall succeed "

Year 6

Year 6 team:

Mrs Bartlett (Head of Year) – Head of Year 6

Mrs Bartlett  - Vesuvius class

Miss Bartholomew – Everest class

Mr White– Kilimanjaro class

Mr Sullivan – Snowdon class

Overview of the year:


Aut 1

Aut 2

Spr 1

Spr 2

Sum 1

Sum 2


Animals including humans – heart


Evolution and inheritance


Living things and their habitats



 Extreme Earth

Extreme Earth

North America 

North America

 Our Local Area

Our local Area


The Victorians

The Victorians 

World War 2

 World War 2




Artist Study Salvador Dali, surrealism

 Imagery & Symbols as drawing techniques

Sculpture & 3D

 Sculpture & 3D

Craft & Design - Photography

 Craft & Design - Photography


 Cams / Pulleys and Gears

Cams / Pulleys and Gears

Electrical Systems 

Electrical Systems

 Cooking and Nutrition

Cooking and Nutrition


Film Music

Dynamics, Pitch and Texture

Songs of World War 2

Songs of World War 2

Composing and Performing

Composing and Performing


Humanism and a World View

Interpreting, Comparing and Evaluating the Christmas Story

What matters most to different religions?


Comparing Creation stories of different religions

Justice and Freedom


Healthy Lifestyles

Growing and Changing

Keeping Safe

Feelings and emotions / Healthy Relationships

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Valuing Difference / Transition


Computer Systems - Networks Bletchley Park

Online E-Safety

Inventing a Product / Creating Media History of Computers

Programming / Big data barcodes and QR Codes



Planning a French Holiday

Visiting a town in France

French Sport & The Olympics

French Sport & The Olympics

My French House

French Day


Swimming/ Tennis/ Football/ Netball/ Health Related Exercise

Swimming / Tennis/ Football / Rounders/ Mirroring / Leadership / Dance

Swimming / Tennis / Football / Rounders / Health Related Exercise

Swimming / Tennis / Football / Rounders / Matching and Mirroring / Leadership / Dance

Swimming / Athletics / Rounders / Netball / Leadership / Dance

Swimming / Athletics / Rounders / Netball / Leadership / Dance

Physical Education

Children are expected to wear their PE kit to school on their PE days. If your child cannot take part in PE, we need a signed letter confirming the reason/reasons why. Please make ensure your child has the appropriate PE kit.

In Year 6 all children will have the chance to go swimming. Swimming hats are provided but children will need to bring their own swimming costume/shorts and a towel. Children can bring swimming goggles if needed. Absolutely no earrings can be worn at all under any circumstances during swimming lessons.   

Home learning:

We firmly believe that the partnership between home and school is paramount in enabling your child/ren to fulfil their potential and we ask our families to support their child’s learning through the completion of home learning tasks.   

Home learning is set in order to encourage pupils to develop the skills, motivation, self-discipline and confidence required to study effectively as independent and life-long learners.  Home learning  also provides opportunities for the involvement of parents/carers in their child’s education, keeping them informed about their children’s learning at school.

We also firmly believe that family time is invaluable and that children’s learning goes way beyond the school gates. With this in mind we have reviewed our home learning expectations and an updated policy can be found on the school websites.

Achieving the right balance of home learning set is difficult as families have their own expectations for what they deem an acceptable amount. To overcome this and continue to ensure our high expectations for the children’s attainment, we have adapted our home learning  policy as follows:

Children will be expected to complete the following core home learning activities:

Key Stage Two Core activities (years 3 – 6):

  • Learn a set of spellings for a weekly test
  • Read daily from a selection of books and record their reading in their reading record book
  • Learn their times tables

Year 6 children will be set weekly home learning for English/Grammar, Mathematics and Science as well as having a weekly spelling test. All home learning will be set on Fridays and expected to be in the following Friday.

Maths home learning will continue to be set on Your child’s password and username will remain the same as last year.  For Grammar and English home learning children will be set tasks to complete on

Throughout the year teachers may also give paper based comprehension or grammar work. This needs to be completed and handed in on time.

For Science, every child in the year has been given a science revision book. Home learning will be set every week to complete a topic from the book. This will be marked in class.

 Reading/reading log/diary

All children in Year 6 are expected to read 5 times a week at home, they can read with either an adult or by themselves.  Once reading has been completed at home children should be filling in their reading on the relevant day in their reading record.

Spellings for each term are glued into the reading diary on a termly basis.

Any parent notes can also be written into the diary and the teacher will be able to read and respond to these.

Suggested reading list for Year 6  

 Reading at home – Questions to ask which support the development of comprehension skills

SATs tests

Throughout this year, year 6 children will be working incredibly hard towards their SATs tests. As a year group we will be revisiting and revising different themes and topics the children have learnt throughout KS2, when revising we may set extra homework so the children have the best chance to do as well as possible in these tests.

We will keep you updated on the dates of when we are taking our SATs tests. These tests are extremely important as they are used as a measure of how ready the children are for secondary school and many of the secondary schools use the scores to band children.

Useful websites for year 6.





 Working together

At the Bedonwell Federation we are passionate about working as a team with parents and carers to support the learning and wellbeing of every child. If you have any questions, queries or information that you wish to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher or the Head of Year. You can leave a message at the school office, write a note in your child’s reading journal or speak to the member of staff at the end of the school day.

We look forward to working with you and your child this year.

 The Year 6 team