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Uniform guidance

The Bedonwell Federation

School uniform is available through Casey's Schoolwear in Blackfen or Boffins in Bexleyheath:, 246 Blackfen Road, Sidcup, Kent. DA15 8PW, Tel: 0208 850 8645  Mobile 07786 996443. , 37 Pickford Lane, Bexleyheath, Kent DA7 4QU, Tel: 020 8298 9085

All pupils will be encouraged to wear suitable clothing in the school colours of pale blue and grey with regard to nursery joggers and tracksuits for PE.  Unisex sweatshirts, t-shirts and tracksuits in these colours and bearing the school logo, can be purchased from the school's supplier.

 School uniform pupils are expected to wear:

Grey sweatshirt (preferably with the school logo or otherwise plain)

Grey sweat cardigan (preferably with the school logo or otherwise plain)

Sky blue polo shirt (preferably with the school logo or otherwise plain)

Grey tailored trousers or grey tailored shorts (summer)

Grey tailored shorts (summer)

Grey skirt

Grey pinafore dress

Light blue & white checked dress (summer)

Navy blue, black or grey tights or white socks

Hair bands in school colours only (grey, white or sky blue)

 Optional: Outside royal blue reversible/weatherproof jacket (preferably with the school logo or otherwise plain)

 Please note that no logos other than the school logo are permitted on sweatshirts and polo shirts.

 Where hijabs are worn they must be in the school colours of either blue, white or grey.

 PE kit

Pupils will be required to take part in indoor PE activities in bare feet.

Reception/KS1/KS2: Plain T-shirt in their ‘house colour’ and grey shorts for indoor PE.  A grey tracksuit for outdoor PE which can be worn during cold weather, preferably with the school logo or plain .   Black trainers for PE sessions.

Please note:  Parents/ carers will be notified of their child’s house colour before the start of the academic year.  Footwear must match the school colours –  black.


Pupils ARE allowed to wear one pair of small, plain silver or gold stud earrings for pierced ears.

We will continue to adhere to guidance from the Assocation for Physical Education (afPE), which states that earrings MUST be removed or taped for PE lessons. Therefore please ensure your child’s earrings are removed on their PE days or they are taped over.  In following the afPE guidance, school staff are NOT permitted to remove the children’s earrings or put the tape on for them, so please ensure this has been arranged prior to coming to school.

If you would like your child to wear earrings at school (on non PE days), please contact the school office for a consent form to complete and return.

NO OTHER JEWELLERY should be worn to school as it poses health and safety risks during physical activities. The only exceptions to this are: 

  • in the case of jewellery worn for religious reasons, parents need to make a written request and complete the religious jewellery form which is available from the school office.
  • Watches  are not permitted to be worn in the EYFS and Key Stage 1.   Pupils in Key Stage 2 are permitted to wear analogue watches, but they must be removed for PE and physical activity. Please  do not allow your child to wear a ‘smart’ watch, or any watch that has the same functionality as a mobile phone or PC, on the school site.


Children working at school use a variety of tools/equipment and hair falling over work can be distracting and dangerous. If hair is sufficiently long, please ensure it is tied back. Hair decoration must be in line with the school colours - blue, white, grey or black. Lines and other patterns shaved into the hair are deemed inappropriate for school.


Footwear must match the school colours – blue or black.

For health and safety reasons, pupils are required to wear safe, sensible and sturdy footwear. Open-toed, sling-back, plastic sandals and 'fashion' shoes and those with unsuitable heels must not be worn. Trainers are unsuitable for all day wear and should not be worn apart from in nursery and for outdoor PE.    Winter boots should reach only as far as the ankle.


During hot summer weather, hats should be worn outdoors. Unisex legionnaire style hats, bearing the school logo, can be purchased from school.   Hats and caps must be in line with the school colours.

Outdoor wear

Pupils should at all times have suitable coats for outdoor wear, to cater for changeable weather. Outdoor coats are required in the EYFS as the outside learning and play areas are used in all weathers.

Book bags

School book bags can be purchased for the children to use. We would like to remind parents/ carers that space is very limited in classrooms and coriddors and would ask that any bags purchased are not too large and bulky.

Art Work

Please provide your child with a named painting apron or old shirt/ T shirt which can be worn for art work. This can remain with the PE kit.

Lost Property

All clothes/bags/shoes MUST be named. Lost property is located in each building; any unclaimed property is sold in the school’s uniform sale and unsold articles donated to a local charity shop at the end of each term.