Bedonwell Junior

" Through excellence, together we shall succeed "

School Council

At the Bedonwell Federation, we value the opinions and ideas of our pupils and our School Council provides a forum to share these opinions and ideas with the Children, Governors, Senior Leadership Team and staff. 

Our school council is via the Smart Schools Council model in order to ensure that ALL children are given the opportunity to have their voice heard. Our aim is to help every child to engage and lead change in their world through democracy.  We believe that every child’s voice should be involved while they are at school, and that pupils can learn a broad range of key skills as a result.  This is a model that explicitly involves EVERY child and it is a pupil-friendly structure that everyone can understand.

Each School Council session is run and facilitated by a different member of the class. Thus giving all children the opportunity to lead at least one meeting.   The Teacher chooses a different leader and a note taker for each session.  The Leader will advise the children of the question under discussion and the note taker will input the data on the computer.  The children have a different question each session and four options to discuss are given.   There is a timer on the screen and children discuss the questions and agree on an answer in their groups of two or more children.  Most classes have around 6/8 groups.  The information is added by the note taker and any suggestions /questions that the children want to raise.

 Each week, our results are shared with the school and can be broken down into classes.  This allows the children to discuss the findings and also see how other classes had voted.

 Within the Smart School Council model, we hope to expand to include a Communications team and an Action team, this will allow us to lead change within Bedonwell and our local community.