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  Assessment of your child’s progress in their learning

The school assesses each child’s learning and their progress every half term, 6 times a year. We do this in three ways: by setting tests, by assessing their classwork and through teacher’s professional judgement.

The senior leadership team meet with class teachers every term to discuss each child’s progress and what additional support can be put in place to support the children to reach their full potential and make the expected amount of progress. The school’s governors also regularly review the summary progress data of all year groups across the school during governor meetings. We closely track how each child is progressing with their learning and ensure we put additional support in place for them if they need it.

 Life without levels...

With the introduction of the 2014 curriculum, schools were required by Government to devise a new method of assessing children’s progress to replace the old ‘levels’ (e.g. 2b, 4c).

Across the Bedonwell Federation, we are using an electronic system called Target Tracker, which measures children’s progress in ‘steps’.

Most children will be working in the ‘band’ that correlates with their year group e.g. year 3 = band 3, year 4= band 4 etc. Within each band there are 6 steps for the children to achieve:

beginning (b), beginning+ (b+), working within (ww), working within + (ww+), secure (s) and secure + (s+)

The expectation is for all children to achieve at least 4 steps progress throughout the academic year with a few children making 6 steps and achieving ‘mastery’ in that area (secure +).

 Assertive Mentoring Record sheet

Every term, each child receives a copy of their Assertive Mentoring Record sheet, which contains information about their attainment and progress for each term. We use a colour coded system to share this information, which also enables children to participate in and contribute towards conversations about their learning with their teacher.

 Below is a key showing the explanation for each section of the Assertive Mentoring sheet:

 Progress towards end of year targets

We set end of year targets in the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) for all children throughout the Bedonwell Federation and these are detailed at the bottom of the Assertive mentoring sheet.

 At the end of each term, this section of the Assertive Mentoring record sheet will be colour coded either blue, green or yellow according to how the children are progressing towards their end of year targets. Blue means better than expected progress, green means expected progress and yellow means less than expected progress.

 Age Related Attainment

The children’s attainment will be colour coded according to where they should be for their age. Blue means they are achieving higher than where they should be for their age, green means they are working at the level appropriate for their age and yellow means they are working at the level below that appropriate for their age.

 Children therefore may have a green box shaded in the progress section if they have made progress for the term but may be yellow for the age related section if they are not working at a level appropriate for their age.

 Other Targets

We also take the opportunity during structured conversations with parents/carers to discuss and reflect on other important elements which contribute to and impact on learning. These are: attitudes to their learning, attendance, behaviour, effort, homework and uniform and the same colour coding as described above is applied to this section. We may set a target with the children, related to one of these areas if we feel it is appropriate.

Further information

Please click below to see the Target Tracker statements used to assess the pupil's understanding and knowledge in Reading, Writing and Maths:

Reading Target Tracker statements, Bands 1-6

Writing Target Tracker statements, Bands 1-6

Maths Target Tracker statements, Bands 2, 3 & 4

Maths Target Tracker statements, Bands 3, 4 & 5

Maths Target Tracker statements, Bands 4, 5 & 6

Maths Target Tracker statements, Bands 5 & 6